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Welcome to my website! I’m Steve Crisafulli, and I’m running to be your voice in the Florida House of Representatives.

I believe Florida is a state of limitless opportunity for families to pursue and achieve the American Dream. No part of Florida is a better example of this than our own Space Coast, the heart of our country’s space program for generations.

Please stand with me to ensure Florida is a state where families can find jobs, our kids can get a first-rate education, and anyone can find success by working hard and playing by the rules.

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  • Committed to Addressing Florida’s Serious Water Issues

    Committed to Addressing Florida’s Serious Water Issues By: Speaker-Designate Steve Crisafulli One of Florida’s most precious resources is water. Our state is world renowned for our 1,200 miles of beaches, springs, and more than 7,700 large lakes. Yet Florida’s water

  • Water At Risk

    Leaders Thirsty for Answers to Impending Statewide Shortage by Eric Wright “The Quiet Industry” is how Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam refers to the state’s agribusiness. But as Florida moves past New York to become the third most populous state in the

  • OP-ED – Steve Crisafulli: Legislature is committed to protecting Florida’s environment

    We are blessed to live in a state abundant in environmental riches, including more than 600 miles of beautiful beaches, over 900 freshwater springs, more than 11 million acres of wetlands and our own national treasure, the Florida Everglades. Our


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